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At home services offered

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I)

Medication Review and Management


Detailed Psychosocial Review


Sleep Diary Collection & Review

Sleep Apnea Diagnosis & Management


Home Sleep Studies with

Advanced Data Collection


Sleep Environment Assessment

Full Medical Work-up


Time-Zone Shifting

Mindfulness Based Therapy

Management of Sleep Contributing Medical Conditions

  • Full Service Sleep Care

    • Full Clinical Assessment
    • Home Sleep Study
    • Physician Comes to Your Home for Consultation (1 hour)
    • Physician Comes to Your Home for Follow-Up (1 hour)
    • Can Choose a Designated Meeting Place Instead of Home
    • Additional Testing at No Additional Charge When Necessary:
    • Ex: Actigraphy, Overnight Oximetry, Limb Movement Testing
    • Psychosocial & Physiologic Management
    • CPAP/APAP Device Set-up and Adjustment if Necessary
    • Email Access to Sleep Physician & Pharmacist
  • Annual Follow-up Plan

    • 30 Minute Virtual Follow-Up x 2
    • One at 3 Months
    • One at 6 Months
    • Assisting in CPAP Compliance
    • Waveform Analysis of CPAP/APAP Device for Optimization
    • Fine Tuning of Care
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