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How does Sleep Doc LA work?

Pathways of Care

Sleep Apnea Focused

  • Home sleep study will be offered, which the patient can order and schedule through our website or by phone.

  • Preferred testing device, WatchPAT One, is FDA approved, validated and arguably the easiest and most comfortable device on the market.

  • Results are wirelessly transmitted to the physician the next morning.

  • The physician personally reviews and scores each study, looking for potential inaccuracies.

  • If testing in a Sleep Lab is needed, a referral will be made.

  • If significant Sleep Apnea is recognized, the physician will request an in-person follow-up, ordered and scheduled through our website or by phone.

  • The visit will include counseling regarding types of therapies including CPAP or APAP.

  • Patient's face will be measured and sized for an appropriate mask.

  • An order will be placed for a recommended mask and device using an expedited process for which medical insurances may be used to provide affordability.

  • Virtual or in-person follow-ups may be recommended to analyze device settings and troubleshoot issues.

  • The physician personally reviews the waveform data generated by the home device to find the absolute best settings for each individual patient.

Initial Sleep Consultation

A board certified physician will conveniently come to your home or meeting place. A careful history focusing on both psychosocial and medical factors influencing sleep will be obtained. A full physical exam will be performed. The sleep environment can be assessed if relevant.  This preliminary visit will unlock investigatory testing.

Mixed Pathway

  • Some patients may have Comorbid Insomnia and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (COMISA) which is a newly recognized clinical scenario that is often missed by traditional Sleep Doctors, leading to ineffective care.

  • We make an effort to provide hybrid care to get the best possible results.

  • Because we are physician driven, we will investigate contributing medical factors that may go missed in other clinical environments and we can prescribe medications (when needed) to manage them.

  • Dr. Hakim is not only a Sleep Medicine specialist, but trained in Internal Medicine as well as Pulmonary Medicine.

  • Lab tests may be ordered or additional referrals made to our associated group of specialists for testing or additional recommendations.

  • High complexity sleep problems require the kind of time and attention that is nearly impossible to find in other settings.

Insomnia Focused

  • We provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), considered the Gold Standard of management.

  • Sessions can be ordered and scheduled through the website or by phone.

  • Actigraphy is an objective method for analyzing sleep patterns, activity levels and light exposure, which we may conduct during a 2 week process to help inform our management.

  • We understand that insomnia care requires time and a level of attention that most Sleep Doctors are not able to provide.

  • Because our services are physician driven, in the event that short-term use of prescription medications are needed, they can be provided and supervised.

Blue Skies

Individual Service Pricing

1 hour physician consultation at your home or designated meeting place.


Initial Consultation

Follow-up Visit

Physician 1 hour return visit for additional management.


Home Sleep Study

Device is delivered to you and the results are interpreted by our physician.


Virtual Follow-up Visit

30 minute video conference follow-up by physician.



Wrist-worn device collecting sleep data, daily light exposure and physical activity information over a 2 week period.


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